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Ask us a question about the Queensland Housing Investment Growth Initiative.

Ask us a question about the Queensland Housing Investment Growth Initiative.

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  • We have only just received the QuickStarts Qld Capital Funding Agreement and Delivery Kit – can we request an extension on our submission in order to properly assess this?

    4 days ago

    Given some proponents may not have enough time to review and consider the new standard contracts while finalising their submissions, the department will allow proponents the opportunity to provide additional information regarding the funding agreement in relation to their project proposals by 6pm on Friday, 28 January 2022.  This allowance is only available to proponents who have finalised and submitted their proposals by the due date and additional information must be provided to noting your submission identification number. No other project proposal information will be accepted after 6pm Friday, 21 January 2022 and further extensions will not be provided. Please ensure you note your intent to provide additional information on the contract within the RFDP (In the first RCHP question on experience, capability and capacity).

  • When will the first tranche of QuickStarts Qld close?

    4 days ago

    Submissions for the first round of QuickStarts Qld will now close at 6pm on Friday, 21 January 2022. This change (from midday) will provide the full day for proponents to finalise their submissions.

  • Is funding available to add decking to a demountable building to make it more liveable / amenable?

    David Dini asked 10 days ago

    The department is providing funding through the Queensland Housing Investment Growth Initiative to bring to forward new social housing supply to respond to housing need across the State.  Housing through this initiative needs to meet the key criteria outlined in each of the initiatives documentation (Housing Investment Fund Expression of Interest, QuickStarts Qld Request for Detailed Proposal and Help to Home Expression of Interest


    Funding is not available for one-off refurbishments of individual dwellings, however the redevelopment of existing sites to bring in new supply is supported (please refer to the QuickStarts Qld Request for Detailed Proposal for more information).  New social housing should be well located, close to key locations such as shops, medical services, schools and amenities, it should also be well designed and align with the social housing design guidelines

  • Is there a minimum/maximum land size to build 10-16 30 mtr sq dwellings on?

    about 1 month ago

    The minimum permissible lot size for a dwelling varies across the state. Proposed land uses, including minimum lot sizes and the type and location of multi-unit dwellings, dwelling houses, secondary dwellings, auxiliary units and/or dual occupancies should be generally supported by the applicable planning instrument which is likely to be the local planning scheme or a plan of development where your project is located. Wherever possible, Proponents are encouraged to commence discussion with the relevant assessment manager at the earliest opportunity or seek independent planning advice. If your proposal does not comply with the relevant planning requirements, a development approval may be required and should be noted in your QHIGI pre-lodgement form.

  • Does a provider need to have NRSCH Qld registration and current funding to be eligible deliver headleases?

    about 1 month ago

    As long as the RCHP is registered nationally (with NRSCH) it would meet requirements.

  • Where do I lodge an Expression of Interest for Help to Home?

    about 1 month ago

    You need to lodge your application via the pre-lodgement portal 

  • For projects which seek to redevelop State-owned properties which are leased to a RCHP, will the State retain ownership of these assets once the development is completed?

    about 1 month ago

    The department wants proponents to propose the right funding model and ownership structure that will provide the best value for government and ensure long term social housing outcomes are secured. This may include transferring title of State-owned properties which are leased to the registered community housing provider. If the State agrees to transfer the land to a RCHP, the value of that land will be recognised as a part of the State’s funding contribution to a project and, combined with any capital grant funding, will require social housing outcomes to be equal the proportion of the State’s total investment.

  • Can we nominate to buy an existing dwelling and put a second proposal into redevelopment that property?

    about 1 month ago

    No. This would be seen by the department as accessing funding twice for one project. Subject to the overall proposal, the department will consider funding to either purchase the property or to redevelop/refurbish the property, but not both.

  • Is there a period of time the property would need to be maintained as Affordable Housing if an affordable component is funded?

    about 1 month ago

    QuickStarts Qld will not provide capital funding for affordable housing outcomes. The State is funding social housing outcomes through QuickStarts Qld. Program rent receipts (funding derived from rent received from the social housing component) can be used to pay down debt on affordable housing products within a development (affordable housing that meets Qld government guidelines), however will not provide capital funding towards affordable housing or other products such as specialist disability accommodation or build to rent.

    The State is seeking to secure long-term social housing outcomes through QuickStarts Qld

  • If there is a barrier that is state owned infrastructure i.e., storm water etc, if the other department that may be responsible for that infrastructure is not supportive, can the Department (DCHDE) help?

    about 1 month ago

    Negotiations on land owned by other government departments’ is between the Proponent and the relevant government agency. It is not the role of the department to compel or instruct in relation to the portfolio of other State agencies. The department may be able to assist facilitate discussions if required. Please talk to the concierge if this is something that needs to be discussed further at