Priority 4: Regional ICT workforce development

02 Sep 2019

Queensland is Australia’s most decentralised state. The Queensland government is investing in key infrastructure projects such as Fibre Co and the Submarine Cable to improve regional Queensland’s participation in the global digital economy. Developing and increasing regional Queensland’s ICT industry and workforce is important to the state’s economic and social prosperity. We will work with regional Queensland communities to support and grow the ICT industry and workforce by:

  • partnering with regional Queensland communities to identify current and future in-demand ICT skills and capability requirements
  • strengthening partnerships between industry, business, and state and local government to improve engagement with regional Queensland communities
  • targeting skills development, place-based-training, professional development and networking opportunities in regional Queensland to meet regional Queensland community labour market requirements
  • championing and promoting the benefits of work from anywhere positions to increase ICT career participation of regional Queenslanders.

Our goals:

  • Increased employment in regional Queensland communities.
  • Increased professional development and networking opportunities in regional Queensland.

This consultation has now closed and we are reviewing the responses.

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